PT. Bidara Sampurna



PT Bidara Sampurna is a national private company that was established in December 2004 based in Jakarta. We are growing as a company engaged in the field of General Trading and Mechanical - Electrical, one of its parts is a procurement service fees and air compressor spare parts such as Oil separator, oil filters, Air filters and filter element., where we provide Spare parts for compressors brands, such as Atlascopco, Kaeser, and other brands.

Consistently and continuously spur to satisfy the customers in terms of service, speed and timeliness, as well as the best quality and competitive price, which has become a standard commitment of the company, so as to adjust the growth conditions of the present and the future what the customer needs.


PT Bidara Sampurna emphasizing professionalism in the management of the business, always providing the best service to each customer, supported by professional human resources with the assistance of a reliable system and technology.


We provide outstanding service to all customers and ensure quality.


We uphold the values of honesty and good faith for the benefit of all customers. Customer confidence be maintained properly based on the code of ethics.


Being in field of services company and procurement of spare parts compressor, which is a trusted and reliable in operation and always emphasizes sustainable growth and optimum satisfaction to the customer.